Red Encabo

Critical Information

2016 - This is the official website for the Pokemon Stop! Squad. If you are interested in viewing my new portfolio and blog, please see "Current Portfolio". Redpaint's services are no longer available, so I strongly recommend that you see Auraspace's official website for my website and graphic design services.

2014 - If anybody is reading this, I want you to know that the websites of Red Foundation, Redpaint, Isang Binhi, MathSOS, Smilebox, and Lucky Productions are having a completely new and fresh renovation for the upcoming new year. We are also rolling out new services, so keep in touch for new updates! Until we get the websites up and running, all of our newest information will be released on this website. Don't worry, although this was a previously old site, I heavily modified the design and its features.

Will I start using again?

2014 - The answer to this question is no, simply because of their so-called "award-winning" staff and support. Last year, they got rid of all of the posts in their help-and-support site criticizing them and suspended the users who did so.

The only time I do use Webs is when I am maintaining the website of my client, which you know is NRJ Flowers. Since she lacks coding experience, she hated it to be in code-only.

Did you know? The client and I are both in the same choir, Isang Binhi.

The only time I will use Webs is when I am working on NRJ Flowers, my client's website. And I am doing this only because she wanted to work on it as well, but doesn't have any coding experience. (On the other hand, we're both in the same choir, and I am building the site from scratch.)