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Future 2014: Social Coverage

Posted on December 21, 2013 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey guys, this is Red Encabo here to speak about social networking for me and my new small freelance organization, Red Foundation, in 2014.

As you may have heard, according to Frank Meacey's "The Future of My Projects," although Buddy Web will not close down, the site will no longer be updated/worked on. Recently, most members have experienced performance problems and site errors to the point in which some of us felt like it was time to leave.

I don't want to sound harsh, but Buddy Web is officially falling in shambles.

While Buddy Web falls in shambles, Twii is becoming the new standard.

Weekly-monthly updates, a live, fast-growing community and vast number of site improvements make Twii an interesting candidate when it comes to moving in to a new social network.

This is the part when I tell you that by January of 2014, Red Foundation will start to expand their social networking.

Nevertheless, this does not mean we will not leave social networks. For instance, in the last two weeks I removed my MySpace account due to the lack of activity I do there. The same will go for Buddy Web soon.

Red Foundation will have their own profiles and pages. I am certain that a new Facebook page for the organization will roll out approximately April 2014. A Twitter profile, on the other hand, is unlikely. None of us (I am talking of course, about Stephen, Rico, Robert, Alex, Phillip, Jesse, Darren, Tom, and myself) are taking consideration of using Twitter.

We will also publish a new profile for Red Foundation on Twii in January or February. Most importantly, though, a Google+ profile will be created for the group in an unknown date. Most of us members decided that we should promote our content with video. With Google+, we will also be able to increase our social range on the web.

Other social networks we are thinking of joining are: Hylus, and when it releases, Beme, Buxster, Postreme, and Medlin+ (we don't mind if it comes later than 2014.)

Shortly Summarizing Up July

Posted on August 7, 2012 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (0)

What a month! No joke about it.

July was a month of "go here, go there, go, go everywhere!" If I can predict it we went to Illinois in the beginning of July. And then we had all kinds of plannings for Florida. During that we had a piano competition and violin competition as well. I lost, but my bro won. Like he is good at anything anyways. A day after evaluation we received our awards (I got none, 'cause I lost, remember?), and then the next day after that it was Florida we went.

Everyone had a great time and best of all going to the places you do want to go aren't as far as you hated it to be! Disney World was much like 20 minutes, but going to Universal Studios Hollywood from Las Vegas to California was practically 6-9 hours long. The only problem was the heat, but let's look at it this way.

  • At Florida, the temperature (maximum) is 97 F, but the temperature at the west is somewhat always between 102-108 F. Probably because it's a desert, whoopie doo.
  • Going to Universal Studios and Disney World or something from the hotel at Orlando took 13-20 minutes, but SeaWorld in California was far, and it took pretty long with an estimate 7 hours.
  • The airport wasn't as big as f*ck at Florida. That's good. But the Las Vegas Airport in my opinion was nicer.
  • Florida was cheaper. The plane tickets and the price for the parks.

To shorten it, in a nutshell Florida was like last year, just better.

Now these trips to here and there can also explain the following:

  • Why I haven't been reviewing the sites that I promised to review for a while.
  • Why I wasn't online at all. Well sometimes due to Wi-Fi Access.
  • Why I haven't been updating my site.

The very last thing though is the RX Network. I released logos (concept so far, might be official) of it. Seemed people like the FONT. By the way it's Arvo but please don't rip me off. I did change my profile picture and I will post more about the RX Network. More news about it next entry. You'll see.

Website Review #6: TrafficHeart

Posted on July 16, 2012 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Traffic Heart is a website with efficient tools that will help you and your website gain tons of traffic--all for free! I have used Traffic Heart to gain traffic (but now I have others to help me, but still.) Traffic Heart moved from Webs to LunarCP (is that it) and has made a couple of revamps, starting with the design. Wait! I didn't tell you how Traffic Heart had new partnership (with eindustries, owner of WebCloud, is it?)

DESIGN: 89/100
The design of this website has been improved--greatly. The old Traffic Heart design was nice, but what I said before was that you would need a professional design to get people to see your site. And yes, it turned from good to professional. You have a .com domain, and a nice, fresh look, which is good. Downfalls might include profile, member, and activity flaws. Honestly I had seen a couple of minor flaws that you should fix, such as when you edit your profile. It was pretty hard for me, sadly. However, the design is great (not the best though) and what I like is that this site looks fine when cross-browsing.

FEATURES: 85/100
Out of all of the non-paid traffic-increasing sites that I have seen, I have never seen a site with as much useful features as Traffic Heart. Know I do know that to gain traffic you must put an ad at your site. Fine by me. These features help you see whether your site's number of views are in progress. Some however, are widgets from other sites, so I might unfortunately have to mark that down. On the contrary, there are good tools to use (overall).

For the members of the site. I believe it's much more social, with the activity page, profile and all. But I think it's fine because with the forums, you might get support and help. So really, I don't care.

With little to say about the community (since I cannot tell how active they are and how much of them there are) all I have to say is that Traffic Heart has been pretty alive. I came back to see the posts that I have missed, and yes I did miss a couple. I should rank this between an 80-90, but between that is an 85.

Not the very cleanest and certainly not the cleanest site I have ever seen, but it's pretty organized. There is nothing very messy about the site AT ALL, so a score with 90+ will do. Bad marks might be minor, including some pages for members only (profile editing should be fixed a little.)

Compared to the older version of Traffic Heart, this has been a surprising change. Design is better than the older one. I believe more people will be visiting this site more often for traffic. Lots of tools and things to do too, with as much as before. Let's make it short and simple: Traffic Heart will help you gain traffic. Simple as that. Should I say more?

If you would like to visit other sites that will help you gain traffic, visit a few of these sites for example:

Buxster SpeedyAds

Schart Ads


Creepster Works Again

Posted on July 9, 2012 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Keeping much of the website maintained, my cousin Creepster finally gets back to work after a bit of busy work on his videos, most of those being part of a really cheesy "series" called "Ultimate Retards." I came to his house and he was working on his site.

"I noticed how many changes were in my site," Creepster said to me. "For now on I'm going to continue working on my site longer."

"Oh," he also said. "If you add anything new, just tell me. I'll post something about it."

"It's a good thing you are working on your Webs site now," I told him. "You aren't really doing much of anything to your site."

One of the many achievements when he came back included having 4,000 visitors. Creepster rubbed it (and probably did) in Ace's face (lol), but it was controversial as well. I posted the good news to the site, but eindustries, owner of WebCloud, didn't really think it was true.

"I doubt that," he posted. "The site has six members." I told him that we don't fake our counters. Then he said, "Well I just don't trust Webs's counter. You can modify it to whatever you want." Honestly that's true. I did that once, but I never posted it. Oh, and since Creepster's Lair is among the oldest I ever worked on (with a friend), being four years, it's NOT fake. Promise. Speaking of counters Shadow Infinite only had 1,000 visitors (no modifications either.)

A couple of things he posted are:

Sup guys. First take a look at the dead men counter to your left. Now look at me (aren't I so stylish) Ahem... anyways WE REACHED FO THOUSAND VISITAHS! Now I know this is really so emotional for you guys and me but at least I am not crying like you are.SO STOP OR I'LL CHOP YOUR HEAD OFF with my new awesome lookin' premium scythe I got the other day. Just kiddin'. Well I wanted to point this out to you because we have 4000 but WE HAVE GOT TO GET 5000!!! I mean seriously guys wouldnt it look awesome if we had a fiery 5000? I know right? So remember keep getting some more peeps to come to this site or I will be very sad.

In case you haven't read this already cause you're dumb or you would seriously want your finger pulled off we have a dream to raise a buttload of coins!!! So keep a bloodshot eye out on that and once again keep lookin' for some zombies who would prefer to get their epic entertainment here than some other pony loving website.

Your Awesome Good-Lookin' Master,



Wassup peoples! I know I alrady added somethin' to out blogging scrolls today but I guess its time for another...We now have a new awesome heart punchin' domain! Now go try out before I rip your face off. ^^

You guys can all try it out here 8======>

Hope you all like it!

Buh Bye,


So, to conclude, Creepster is back to work. He has been talking for a while but just didn't do much to his site. I promised earlier this year for more updates. And here you go.

"Ashuns" Everywhere

Posted on July 3, 2012 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (0)

It seems that my friend Shadow is putting up a brand new random yet really stupid story called The Story of Ashun Swagg. He also included a new advertisement promoting this content. It would be really nice for you guys to read it. I promise it will be interesting. Here are some of the ads that my cousin put up. He gave me credit for helping him, so that's something to be happy about.

While the top ad seems to be the first, no it's not. It's the second. That's something to notice for those who are in fact too dumb to notice. Now remember this. Together and for like the tenth time in the site we gave you a short plot of the story. Here it is:

Ashun Swagg is one of those typical Asian people with superior intelligence and high expectations. In this story Ashun travels to the USA to teach an unruly child harsh lessons including beatings and extreme discipline.

From the people who worked too hard to make this site, we present you a random story that we believe will get you to start a rally only because it's racist. This story was inspired by many Chinese memes.


The final thing that I would like to say before I leave is that I hope nobody, and not even Chinese or Asians or Filipino or whatever or whoever, take offense. I am an Asian myself and I really don't care. Seriously, I'm not one of those people that will flip off everytime I get made fun of. Like CopperCab (damn I can't stand that guy). But hey, if you are offended, then f*ck off and don't do anything else.

So as you can see, we did this because, well, it's the best we could do. See ya later.

Red Encabo Chatroom

Posted on July 2, 2012 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (0)

I have done many things in Webs now. And the first thing I'm going to create this year is the all-new and upcoming Red Encabo Chatroom. It's going to be, yes, a Xat. However, this is because, one: I am a member of Xat. And two: there are really nice chatrooms as well, but I was hoping to find a dark chatroom with my own tastes. Couldn't find one unfortunately, so, yeah.

The Red Encabo Chatroom was supposed to be a seperate site. Unfortunately, that won't happen. Webs does not have and longer has HTML. So now what am I going to do about it? On the other hand, I'm building RX Network under x10 Hosting, which I have no clue what to do, so I might need to be educated.

The purpose of the chatroom is to talk to me and your friends. Anyone with a Xat account can join. In the meanwhile, I am hoping to bring in a custom chatroom where anyone can just immediately type in a nickname and join. But that is not the case.

Since this is going to require a lot of work, and since my dad limited PC access, I have no time to really bring in a really cool chatroom but at the moment I am trying.

This might be the chatroom I was waiting for:

I will give you more news about the upcoming chatroom. At the moment, please wait, because I really don't got the time to do all this, especially with my promising RX Network on the line.

Slowly Progressing

Posted on June 23, 2012 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (0)

I remodeled Shadow Infinite's design and a tad of content today because a couple of weeks ago it looked like a disaster... really. Creepster's Lair had the same issue, which is why if you see the site it's not compete yet... with some width and height limits and design issues. Well, Shadow Infinite is opened once again for the third time this year.

New Shadow Infinite content is coming your way because I have found a way to sneak in more than 10 pages! And that is good! We have six members and those six are:

  • Shadow (Website Owner/Aceofshadows)
  • Aceofshadows (Administrator)
  • Red Encabo (Me, Designer/Administrator)
  • Hay N' Oats (Rico, Moderator)
  • Creepster (Moderator)
  • Zick (New Member)
We are hoping to get 15 members this year but an amount of 100 members would be excellent. Since Shadow Infinite reopened we had made new design and will create four more pages of randomness. However, what is not complete?

We were thinking of adding a slider to our website but I don't want to waste any time. We were also thinking of adding a nice, fancy games section but we really need an app for that and so far GameTreat is not working really well. So... the games is really temporary.

And the four pages of content... we have to finish that. The Story of Ashun... that I decided to make myself... because I am beginning to be in the habit of that Asian meme. I think Rico and I should work on it together. Lol... I don't think Rico will.