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The Infinite Doesn't Go Forever

Posted on May 20, 2012 at 11:10 PM

Okay, yes, infinity, or infinite, goes forever, but when I mean infinity (or infinite, again) doesn't go forever, we're talking about Shadow Infinite.

Ace and I aren't working on Shadow Infinite because first of all Aceofshadows (or Shadowv1337 now) is not happy with the ten pages limit for Free Webs Users, so generally he's rage quitting right now, and second, because it's May (and June is coming up), it's my turn to settle down, relax, and do some socializing with the Webs Community. I am busy tweeting and short-blogging at Buddy Web.

Shadow Infinite, well, we're uncertain whether Shadow Infinite will end or not. This is Shadow Infinite's end of the line, mainly because it will no longer be worked on.

if, however, we decide to continue on working on this halted project (which has a minor chance of happening), well then, first things first:

Definitely design changes, but we will not use the Webs Site Builder 3. This time I would actually use photoshop and following some tutorials to make a professional template... but will it happen? And this time I'm going to make it myself and not re-customize already-made templates (like from WebCloud, who, I think, moved their server, if you knew a long time ago).

Upgrade to Premium--the internet is supposed to be free, not to pay. Unfortunately some people (excluding, or not including, Webs, especially with their upgrades and deals for them) decided that we have to pay to get the maximum features, such as Artix Entertainment (not being mean, and I did play Adventure Quest and AQ Worlds before, but I didn't get much opportunities especially with premium and luxury items). However, if Aceofshadows wants to get the hell out of this mess, well, then, we need to upgrade. Enhanced is the way to go--though Pro is better, but too much is not good.

We will also include new random content, weekly updating, and finally, number of pages. Well, if we get premium, and get many members and visitors, luckily we will offer more content, maybe 20-30 pages, and more. But one major issue is weekly updating. This is a big factor because the lack of updating (especially not updating 2 times a day) leads to the decrease of traffic and so forth. Creepster's Lair got their first update since February 2012, and that is not good (but at least they made an Ultimate Retards Guide page during April.)

Shadow Infinite's concept logo is kind of, already being created. But is it going to be used? It's one thing you should find out later in the summer (maybe June, July, August, you may never know...) :D

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