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Extra Updates [9]

Posted on June 10, 2012 at 9:15 PM

Here comes the next set of updates, whereas today I'm going to talk about the upcoming projects, current projects, logos, reviews, and so much more. This might include the review on Buxster (the fifth site review overall), the stop and hiatus of many site projects, and the very big Isang Binhi project that I told you about a long time ago (though dad said not to, but others do want it.)

Buxster's owner Zane is asking if I can review his site and become business partners. At the moment, I am not planning in becoming business partners with anyone, for I have much anticipated things to do, but I am planning to become big with sites like TrafficHeart, +Social, and maybe Buxster. You might also have to wait on the review on Buxster, because I haven't gotten access on the computer (I was rather using a mobile device, due to the inconvenience of computer use.) But it's halfway finished, and you might not expect what is coming.

Shadow Infinite has stopped because Ace told me to just stop working on it, being a complete waste of time with limitations, and Rico also told me to stop working on the Hay N' Oats project and just remove it from history. Shadow Infinite has been stopped because of Webs's current failure to produce any "miracles" for free users such as CSS editing for SB3 and more pages. Hay N' Oats is stopping because Rico hated the idea, and so he wants to remove it without hesitation.

Ace, Creepster, Pinkie Pie (Rico) and I have been watching PPV boxing at Creepster and Ace's house, Manny Pacquaio vs. Timothy Bradley. Before the games began we played a little bit of board games, and yes, Creepster and Rico was trashing me and Ace for being "poor" and called us "the working class." I called them "Republicans" because they were "rich" and acted "corrupt", and for some reason they found it to be okay.

In the end, we watched the end of the boxing as boxing burns to the ground, because Bradley won with Manny finally losing by a 2-1 margin. In my perspective, Pacquaio beatened Bradley according to stats, numbers, and OUR OWN EYES. Ace, Creepster, and Rico believed Pacquaio won all of the rounds, I thought it was Pacquaio 117-111. This also reminded me of the third Marquez vs. Pacquaio fight, in which Marquez was robbed according to many and they're probably right. However, the difference between these two fights is that Pacquaio beatened Bradley by a far gap, and Bradley wins it. In addition, Bradley later was sitting on a wheelchair. Winners don't NEED wheelchairs AT ALL.

Then again, you know Pacquaio, he's humble and accepted that loss.

When Ace looked at his phone, he said that already 5,000 people are commenting about this shocking moment. Creepster was sleeping already, and Rico called this "stupid", and everyone was like, "What the f*ck is this?" I told them, "Why don't we have one of us drive to Las Vegas and teach those two idiots how to judge?" This is probably how Marquez fans felt when being robbed, lol. But really, it isn't funny.

People are already saying: to boycott boxing, RIP boxing, Manny Pacquaio is still the best boxer ever, etc. They're even encouraging others to avoid watching the rematch this November. Even though Pacquaio clearly won, I expected way better in that fight.

Isang Binhi's website is now in full preparation, and I'm starting with its logo and upcoming 2012-2014 cover. Here is what the new logo looks like:

The concept logo was darker, had a glow, and had a far more "cursive" and "decorative" calligraphy of a font, but this is more simplified and better. It probably isn't good for the eyes though, but I am planning to make the site white and green. The cover is not finished though, and more news about the upcoming site is coming soon.

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