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Creepster Works Again

Posted on July 9, 2012 at 4:15 PM

Keeping much of the website maintained, my cousin Creepster finally gets back to work after a bit of busy work on his videos, most of those being part of a really cheesy "series" called "Ultimate Retards." I came to his house and he was working on his site.

"I noticed how many changes were in my site," Creepster said to me. "For now on I'm going to continue working on my site longer."

"Oh," he also said. "If you add anything new, just tell me. I'll post something about it."

"It's a good thing you are working on your Webs site now," I told him. "You aren't really doing much of anything to your site."

One of the many achievements when he came back included having 4,000 visitors. Creepster rubbed it (and probably did) in Ace's face (lol), but it was controversial as well. I posted the good news to the site, but eindustries, owner of WebCloud, didn't really think it was true.

"I doubt that," he posted. "The site has six members." I told him that we don't fake our counters. Then he said, "Well I just don't trust Webs's counter. You can modify it to whatever you want." Honestly that's true. I did that once, but I never posted it. Oh, and since Creepster's Lair is among the oldest I ever worked on (with a friend), being four years, it's NOT fake. Promise. Speaking of counters Shadow Infinite only had 1,000 visitors (no modifications either.)

A couple of things he posted are:

Sup guys. First take a look at the dead men counter to your left. Now look at me (aren't I so stylish) Ahem... anyways WE REACHED FO THOUSAND VISITAHS! Now I know this is really so emotional for you guys and me but at least I am not crying like you are.SO STOP OR I'LL CHOP YOUR HEAD OFF with my new awesome lookin' premium scythe I got the other day. Just kiddin'. Well I wanted to point this out to you because we have 4000 but WE HAVE GOT TO GET 5000!!! I mean seriously guys wouldnt it look awesome if we had a fiery 5000? I know right? So remember keep getting some more peeps to come to this site or I will be very sad.

In case you haven't read this already cause you're dumb or you would seriously want your finger pulled off we have a dream to raise a buttload of coins!!! So keep a bloodshot eye out on that and once again keep lookin' for some zombies who would prefer to get their epic entertainment here than some other pony loving website.

Your Awesome Good-Lookin' Master,



Wassup peoples! I know I alrady added somethin' to out blogging scrolls today but I guess its time for another...We now have a new awesome heart punchin' domain! Now go try out before I rip your face off. ^^

You guys can all try it out here 8======>

Hope you all like it!

Buh Bye,


So, to conclude, Creepster is back to work. He has been talking for a while but just didn't do much to his site. I promised earlier this year for more updates. And here you go.

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