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Website Review #6: TrafficHeart

Posted on July 16, 2012 at 11:10 AM

Traffic Heart is a website with efficient tools that will help you and your website gain tons of traffic--all for free! I have used Traffic Heart to gain traffic (but now I have others to help me, but still.) Traffic Heart moved from Webs to LunarCP (is that it) and has made a couple of revamps, starting with the design. Wait! I didn't tell you how Traffic Heart had new partnership (with eindustries, owner of WebCloud, is it?)

DESIGN: 89/100
The design of this website has been improved--greatly. The old Traffic Heart design was nice, but what I said before was that you would need a professional design to get people to see your site. And yes, it turned from good to professional. You have a .com domain, and a nice, fresh look, which is good. Downfalls might include profile, member, and activity flaws. Honestly I had seen a couple of minor flaws that you should fix, such as when you edit your profile. It was pretty hard for me, sadly. However, the design is great (not the best though) and what I like is that this site looks fine when cross-browsing.

FEATURES: 85/100
Out of all of the non-paid traffic-increasing sites that I have seen, I have never seen a site with as much useful features as Traffic Heart. Know I do know that to gain traffic you must put an ad at your site. Fine by me. These features help you see whether your site's number of views are in progress. Some however, are widgets from other sites, so I might unfortunately have to mark that down. On the contrary, there are good tools to use (overall).

For the members of the site. I believe it's much more social, with the activity page, profile and all. But I think it's fine because with the forums, you might get support and help. So really, I don't care.

With little to say about the community (since I cannot tell how active they are and how much of them there are) all I have to say is that Traffic Heart has been pretty alive. I came back to see the posts that I have missed, and yes I did miss a couple. I should rank this between an 80-90, but between that is an 85.

Not the very cleanest and certainly not the cleanest site I have ever seen, but it's pretty organized. There is nothing very messy about the site AT ALL, so a score with 90+ will do. Bad marks might be minor, including some pages for members only (profile editing should be fixed a little.)

Compared to the older version of Traffic Heart, this has been a surprising change. Design is better than the older one. I believe more people will be visiting this site more often for traffic. Lots of tools and things to do too, with as much as before. Let's make it short and simple: Traffic Heart will help you gain traffic. Simple as that. Should I say more?

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