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Shortly Summarizing Up July

Posted on August 7, 2012 at 5:15 PM

What a month! No joke about it.

July was a month of "go here, go there, go, go everywhere!" If I can predict it we went to Illinois in the beginning of July. And then we had all kinds of plannings for Florida. During that we had a piano competition and violin competition as well. I lost, but my bro won. Like he is good at anything anyways. A day after evaluation we received our awards (I got none, 'cause I lost, remember?), and then the next day after that it was Florida we went.

Everyone had a great time and best of all going to the places you do want to go aren't as far as you hated it to be! Disney World was much like 20 minutes, but going to Universal Studios Hollywood from Las Vegas to California was practically 6-9 hours long. The only problem was the heat, but let's look at it this way.

  • At Florida, the temperature (maximum) is 97 F, but the temperature at the west is somewhat always between 102-108 F. Probably because it's a desert, whoopie doo.
  • Going to Universal Studios and Disney World or something from the hotel at Orlando took 13-20 minutes, but SeaWorld in California was far, and it took pretty long with an estimate 7 hours.
  • The airport wasn't as big as f*ck at Florida. That's good. But the Las Vegas Airport in my opinion was nicer.
  • Florida was cheaper. The plane tickets and the price for the parks.

To shorten it, in a nutshell Florida was like last year, just better.

Now these trips to here and there can also explain the following:

  • Why I haven't been reviewing the sites that I promised to review for a while.
  • Why I wasn't online at all. Well sometimes due to Wi-Fi Access.
  • Why I haven't been updating my site.

The very last thing though is the RX Network. I released logos (concept so far, might be official) of it. Seemed people like the FONT. By the way it's Arvo but please don't rip me off. I did change my profile picture and I will post more about the RX Network. More news about it next entry. You'll see.

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