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Future 2014: Social Coverage

Posted on December 21, 2013 at 4:50 PM

Hey guys, this is Red Encabo here to speak about social networking for me and my new small freelance organization, Red Foundation, in 2014.

As you may have heard, according to Frank Meacey's "The Future of My Projects," although Buddy Web will not close down, the site will no longer be updated/worked on. Recently, most members have experienced performance problems and site errors to the point in which some of us felt like it was time to leave.

I don't want to sound harsh, but Buddy Web is officially falling in shambles.

While Buddy Web falls in shambles, Twii is becoming the new standard.

Weekly-monthly updates, a live, fast-growing community and vast number of site improvements make Twii an interesting candidate when it comes to moving in to a new social network.

This is the part when I tell you that by January of 2014, Red Foundation will start to expand their social networking.

Nevertheless, this does not mean we will not leave social networks. For instance, in the last two weeks I removed my MySpace account due to the lack of activity I do there. The same will go for Buddy Web soon.

Red Foundation will have their own profiles and pages. I am certain that a new Facebook page for the organization will roll out approximately April 2014. A Twitter profile, on the other hand, is unlikely. None of us (I am talking of course, about Stephen, Rico, Robert, Alex, Phillip, Jesse, Darren, Tom, and myself) are taking consideration of using Twitter.

We will also publish a new profile for Red Foundation on Twii in January or February. Most importantly, though, a Google+ profile will be created for the group in an unknown date. Most of us members decided that we should promote our content with video. With Google+, we will also be able to increase our social range on the web.

Other social networks we are thinking of joining are: Hylus, and when it releases, Beme, Buxster, Postreme, and Medlin+ (we don't mind if it comes later than 2014.)

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